Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole

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Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole
Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole
Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole
Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole
Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole
Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole

 Plusletics® Apparel  presents our Budget Friendly Sweat Chasers Collection. 

The Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole special neoprene material produces a thermal heat like sauna effect that stimulates and enhances sweat and calorie burn throughout the body while worn and for even better results during exercise and increases fat burn from the most stubborn areas (i. e. Tummy, and back) 

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The Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole designed to maximize your efforts while exercising or during casual everyday activity. The Camisole will improve your posture, give some relief to back pain, and instantly cinch you by one dress size.  


Purchase the matching Attack the FUPA sweat pants. 

The Plus Size Neoprene Sweat Camisole, neoprene material wicks away sweat, keeping you dry on the outside, providing you with comfort, breathability, flexibility and mobility for an increased range of motion during physical activity. . 

Achieve a slimmer, fitter and shaped healthier body that you desire and deserve 

* Individual results may vary from person to person and are not typical. Diet and exercise recommended. Your results may vary. 

*This product is not claiming to treat or cure any medical conditions, ailments and carries no weight loss guarantees. It is recommended that you consult with a medical professional before trying or using any new product, exercise, or weight loss program. 

  • Stimulate Calories Burned & Fat Loss By Increasing Sweat Around Upper Body, Midsection & Back*
  • Neoprene Material Increases Sweat By Trapping Heat On Contact With Skin*
  • Low Compression Smooths Out Unwanted Bulges, Bumps & Rolls For Tight & Trim Look*
  • It will visibly reduce your tummy and love handles by 2”
  • Sweat Three (3) Times More During Physical Activity When Worn*
  • Wear it Anywhere and under any garment; Absorbs Sweat On The Inside & Stays Dry On The Outside*
  • Reminds You To Stay Focused On Keeping Your Entire Core Tight*
  • Maximize Calories Burned By Increasing Sweat
  • Product materials: Neoprene 53% % nylon, 27%
  • Hand-wash only DO NOT MACHINE WASH.
  • Remember to Hand-wash before using
  • No expedited shipping until further notice

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