Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink

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Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink
The new Action Sweat Vest is here, just in time for summer, outdoor workouts and activities.

It is one of the best sweat vests for Plus Size Women (Sizes 18 - 32-True-to-Size) looking to build a healthier body.

It will help you burn calories & fat, detox the body through your sweat, and help reduce inches around your waist and back.

The Action Sweat Vest is a 2-and-1. It acts as a High Impact Bra and a Waist Belt. It can help alleviate back pain with adjustable shoulder straps, reducing the weight load off your back. It is a one-piece, lightweight, and stretchy.

For the best results, wear with a sports bra and no shirt so vest is close to the skin. You will notice more calorie burn and an increase in your metabolism.

Wear anytime, but for better results wear on your more actives days, at the gym, or during any workout including yoga.

Go ahead, do your jumping jacks, add jumping rope to your workout routine, your boobs will thank you for getting them all the support they need and the comfort you want, with the high impact feature of the Action Sweat Vest - Camo Pink.

The Action Sweat Vest features a front zipper closure over the chest and a Velcro waist belt. The zip front closure and adjustable shoulder straps act as a high impact sports bra which lifts the breast, hugs your chest, and gives you full coverage and high impact support. The waist belt is used to contour the midsection and trap body heat for better sweat output.

The Action Sweat Vest has a comfortable design that allows for free movement and lets you move while performing any activity.

Buy yours today only $67

Need to burn fat and calories from your lower body too. Pair with the The Attack The FUPA 2-n-1 Sweat Pants 


  • Stretchy (tight when worn the first few times 
  • Improves posture)
  • Traps body heat, making you sweat more while performing your daily activities & exercise
  • Helps in burning fat from back, breast, and midsection
  • Helps reduce your abdomen and waist
  • Increases your body temperature similar to as if you were in a sauna
  • Reshape your body through your body sweat
  • Designed to eliminate fatty tissues
  • Increase thermal activity to intensify perspiration


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READ THE SIZE CHART, WHEN IN DOUBT SIZE UP! EXCHANGE ONLY $20 restocking fee. To exchange it must be in excellent conditions no marks on Vest, free of foreign smells (i. e. Body odor, smoke, pet odor, perfume, cologne, etc.) and have not been worn. 


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