Why No One Owes You Anything: Responsibility for Happiness and the Journey from Entitlement to Empowerment

Nyanza Lynn Riley

There's a thought I've often grappled with. When people assert, 'No, I don't want them around, they've done nothing for me,' it perplexes me. It seems as if people expect that everyone is obligated to fulfill some role for them. It's almost as if people imagine that at their birth, a crowd is standing by, ready to pledge lifelong services to them.


We must realize that our life and the choices we make within it are our responsibility - no one else's. That's the crux of it. There's no one on this planet, aside from perhaps your parents, who owes you anything. Even parents, let's be honest, after a certain age, have fulfilled their obligations.


We need to eradicate this notion that others are supposed to cater to us. Instead, we should focus on becoming interdependent. If someone is kind enough to do something for us outside their defined roles or job, then that's a bonus. But if we expect people to go out of their way for us, purely out of kindness, that might not happen, and it's crucial that we accept this.


The idea that life is fair is a misconception. Most of the time, it isn't. But the beauty of life is that you can shape it as you wish. Remember, it's your responsibility to create your happiness.


After reading this post, here are five action steps you can take to move away from expecting others to cater to you:


1. **Self-Reflection:** Spend some time each day thinking about your expectations of others. Are they realistic? Are they fair? Reflect on whether you're relying on others for things you could be doing yourself.


2. **Set Personal Goals:** Identify areas in your life where you feel you've been overly dependent on others. Set realistic goals to become more self-reliant in these areas, then track your progress over time.


3. **Cultivate Gratitude:** Practice gratitude daily. Recognize and appreciate the help you receive, but also acknowledge your own accomplishments. This will help you see your own strengths and capabilities.


4. **Learn New Skills:** Identify skills that could make you more independent, whether it's cooking, budgeting, or time management. Invest time in learning these skills.


5. **Subscribe to Our Blog:** For more tips and advice on becoming more independent, happy, and self-confident, consider subscribing to our blog. It's a valuable resource filled with insights and strategies to foster personal growth and self-reliance. We're here to support you on your journey to empowerment.


Ultimately, the creation of your happiness lies in your hands. Take hold of it. It's a journey, an ongoing process that requires patience, perseverance, and self-love. Remember, every step you take towards self-reliance and independence is a step towards your happiness.

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So, create your happiness, because no one else can do it for you. Be the architect of your joy, and build the life you envision. Create your happiness, and let it illuminate your path in life.

Written by Nyanza Lynn Riley - Owner & Founder of  Plusletics® Apparel 

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