The Power to BE – Eliminating the Need to Prove ANYTHING to Them

Nyanza Lynn Riley


It’s a crazy world we’re living in when proving a point to others takes precedence over proving anything to ourselves. We have become so talented at watering down our ability to indulge in self care that we often times don’t realize the detriment we’re causing internally. But what if we could get motivation from the mirror? I know it sounds comical, but just think about it. What if the only fuel that we used came from the foresights of our future? Because yes, it is possible to look at ourselves and decide that our life is worth living – and that is not based upon the issues, inconsistencies, or implications of other people. But we have to decide that we’re worth it.


We’re worth the peace and happiness that comes with minding our own business. Yes, I said it! We’ve got to get better at minding our business. Does that mean that we don’t care about others? No! Does that denote that we’re selfish and unaware of the world around us? Absolutely not! But it does mean that we mind our business – that is, those elements that pertain to our psychological, emotional, and physical well-being.


We have to stop striving so hard to prove others right or wrong. We have to stop focusing on getting “their” stamp of approval and only living through “their” lenses. Because the more that we concentrate on their vision, we lose ours. We lose sight of who we are and what we could become. We tend to miss opportunities that are meant to stretch and propel us, all while being stuck inside a box that we don’t even own or control. And this causes a plethora of health issues, inside and out. But that can change. You just have to make a decision to BE!


Be proud of your progress in life and celebrate the fact that you lived through what others could not. Be happy that some people don’t understand you – its not meant for them to anyway! Be more forgiving of yourself; it’s ok that you make mistakes but learn from them and don’t become your own critic. Be healthy and intentional with the connections and relationships you make. No more dealings with people who only deplete you of joy and sanity. Be content in making your own decisions about YOUR life and doing what it takes to actually LIVE your life!


Know that God orders your steps. So that means other people don’t have the permission or authority to reorder what God has already ordered. And from this day forward, don’t you dare give it to them. You don’t have to prove that you are loved, that you are healed, that you are hopeful, or that you’re willing to take a chance. Just do what you have to do so that you can manifest in who you’re called to be. But no longer will you live your life trying to prove yourself to anyone else. Be who you are. Be the light and shine. If they want to come out of the darkness, they will. But don’t ever dim your light in the confines of someone else’s shade. You’re much better than that! Until Next Time.


Be Happy! Be Healthy! Be Well! Now go create your happiness!


Nyanza Lynn Riley 



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