SculptEase™ Ease Collections

Immerse yourself in the world of refinement and elegance with the SculptEase™ Collection, from Plusletics® Apparel, where each piece is a testament to the sophisticated lady's journey towards embracing her divine form. Picture this: a collection meticulously crafted not just to shape but to celebrate the unique contours of your body. With five exquisite body shapers in our repertoire, the SculptEase™ Collection offers a bespoke experience tailored to your desires and the level of compression you seek.

Every piece in this collection whispers secrets of allure, with carefully positioned hooks and eyes, and for those who adore a hint of mystique, select shapers feature a concealing zipper. Imagine the transformation, the unveiling of a silhouette so captivating, it’s like revealing art. This isn’t merely about shaping; it’s about enhancing the natural beauty bestowed upon you, elevating every curve, and cinching every line to perfection. Picture a reduction of 4-6 inches around the waist, an enhancement so divine, it brings each outfit to life, making every glance a testament to your radiance.

The SculptEase™ Collection is a homage to the woman who walks in faith and beauty, who believes in accentuating the divine gifts with grace and power. Whether you seek to highlight the elegance of your derriere or sculpt your waist to mirror the essence of your inner goddess, this collection is your canvas, and you are the masterpiece. 

Choose one, choose them all – each piece promises a journey of transformation and empowerment. With the SculptEase™ Collection, disappointment is a word forgotten, replaced by an ever-present glow of confidence and the embrace of your most beautiful self. Welcome to the realm where each day is a celebration of your splendor, meticulously crafted by SculptEase™. Size 0 - 30. 

  • SculptEase™ Banded Low Waist Shorts 
  • SculptEase™ Banded High Waist Shorts
  • SculptEase™ Bodysuit