The Curvy Powerhouse Vixen’s Guide to Fasted Workouts

Nyanza Lynn Riley

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I’m Nyanza Lynn Riley, founder and owner of Plusletics® Apparel, and I’m here to share a game-changing discovery that transformed my fitness journey. It’s all about fasted workouts and why they’re incredibly beneficial for us curvy queens.

I used to eat before my workouts, thinking it would fuel my performance. But more often than not, I ended up feeling sluggish and moving slower than I’d like. It wasn’t until recently that I understood the benefits of working out in a fasted state. Now, I’m all about that fasted life, and I want to share why it’s crucial for us Curvy Powerhouse Vixens to consider this approach.

Why Fasted Workouts?

When we talk about fasted workouts, it means exercising on an empty stomach. Typically, you’re in a fasted state after about 8-12 hours without food. For most of us, this happens naturally overnight. So, hitting the gym first thing in the morning before breakfast is a perfect time for a fasted workout.

But why is this beneficial? Here’s the scoop: when you exercise in a fasted state, your body doesn’t have readily available carbohydrates to burn for energy. Instead, it taps into fat stores. Yes, that’s right – your body starts burning the fat it has stored up. This process can significantly enhance fat loss, making your workouts more efficient in terms of shedding those extra pounds.

Tapping into Fat Stores

To get the most out of your fasted workouts, you need to make sure your body is efficiently accessing those fat stores. Here are some tips to help you tap into that potential:

1. Hydrate Well: Drink plenty of water before your workout. Hydration is key to keeping your body functioning optimally and helps in mobilizing fat for energy.

2. Start Slow: If you’re new to fasted workouts, ease into it. Begin with light to moderate exercise and gradually increase the intensity as your body adapts.

3. Consistency is Key: Make fasted workouts a regular part of your routine. Consistency helps your body get used to utilizing fat as a primary energy source.

Enhancing Workouts with Thermogenic Apparel

To boost the effectiveness of your fasted workouts, incorporating thermogenic apparel can make a significant difference. At Plusletics® Apparel, we’ve got you covered with gear designed to enhance your sweat and help you tap into those fat stores even more effectively.

1. Camo Vest: Our stylish camo vest is perfect for adding an extra layer of heat to your workouts. It’s not just about looking good – it’s about feeling the burn and making sure you’re maximizing your fat-burning potential.

2. Latex Waist Trainer: This classic piece is a favorite among our Vixens. The latex material helps increase your core temperature, promoting more sweating and enhancing your workout intensity.

3. Waist Trainer Vest: For those who want full coverage and maximum impact, our waist trainer vest is the way to go. It provides excellent support and amplifies the thermogenic effects, helping you burn more calories and fat.

Getting the Most from Your Workouts

To truly reap the benefits of fasted workouts, combine them with our thermogenic apparel and a healthy lifestyle. Remember, it’s not just about the workout itself but also about how you recover and refuel. Here are a few extra tips:

- Post-Workout Nutrition: After your fasted workout, it’s essential to refuel with a balanced meal that includes protein, healthy fats, and carbs. This helps in muscle recovery and replenishing energy stores.
- Rest and Recovery:Give your body the rest it needs to recover and grow stronger. Adequate sleep and recovery time are crucial for long-term success.
- Stay Motivated: Keep track of your progress and celebrate your achievements. Staying motivated and positive is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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From the mind of Nyanza Lynn Riley, founder and owner of Plusletics® Apparel, I encourage you to embrace fasted workouts and make the most of your fitness journey. Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Well.

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