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Nyanza Lynn Riley

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Growing up, we are taught that people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Yet, when we are taught about health and fitness, it seems that everyone only comes in one size. Something tells me that this idea came from a person that never struggled with an extra pound in their life.


It’s just not realistic or fair. Now, this isn’t going to be one of those blogs that rails against the “fat shaming” culture with one hand on the keyboard and the other in a giant bowl of friend chicken covered in gravy and chocolate sauce. No. This is the story of those men and women out there that do not fit into the architype that is associated with health but is healthy.


So many women have what others desire and that’s some serious curves. These sisters eat right, work hard, hit the gym, pound the pavement for the early morning run, and are in better health than those models that everyone tells them they should look like.


We need to be proud of our bodies and more importantly be proud of our health. Some people carry extra weight. It can be for many different reasons, but in the end if they are healthy; mind, body, and soul, then they are perfect. We are talking about some serious warrior goddesses that might have some extra curves but one shimmy from their hips would make RuPaul scream “Yass Queen!”


Plusletics™ Apparel not only knows this but celebrates it. We know that you are out there making sure that you are the best you that you can be, so why not have the work out gear that you need. Comfort, form, and above all else, we put the fun in function. Never let anyone tell you that you aren’t the picture of health because they are holding a dusty old polaroid! It’s time to jump into the modern age with a healthy lifestyle, a healthy outlook, and Plusletics™ Apparel.

 Happy New Years!

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  • I’m in love with your products and so glad that there someone out there thinking about use plus size woman. Keep up the good work!!❤❤


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