10 Facts You Need To Know About Adipose Tissue

By Candace Smith

Nyanza Lynn Riley

Did you know that your fat is good for you?  Fat cells or Adipose tissue is crucial for health according to studies.  Your fat cells contain nerve cells and blood vessels that are used to store, and release energy needed to fuel the body.  Not only that, it releases important hormones that are essential to what your body needs.

Here are 10 quick facts about your fat:

  1. Adipose Tissue is simply your body fat and it is found all over your body.
  1. Men and women have adipose tissue; however, it is generally stored in different places.
  1. In Men adipose tissue is stored around the middle of their abdomen.
  1. In women adipose tissue is usually collected more around their buttocks and thighs.
  1. The differences in how and where the body fat is stored between men and women are due to the sex hormones produced by males and females.
  1. Adipose tissue plays a significant role in the regulation of glucose, cholesterol and the metabolism.
  1. Adipose tissue releases a hormone called aromatase which is involved in the metabolism of sex hormone.
  1. Adipose Tissue assists with the clotting of your blood.
  1. Adipose tissue releases a hormone called angiotensin which assists with controlling your blood pressure.
  1. Adipose Tissue releases adiponectin which aides in protecting you against developing type 2 diabetes.

Like everything else in this world too much of anything can be dangerous.  Too much adipose tissue or fat, can lead to possible dangerous health conditions including obesity which leads to serious health problems. 

Obesity increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes because it causes your body to become resistant to insulin.  This results in higher levels of blood sugar which is not good for your health. 

Obesity also increases the chance of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and increased tendency for blood to clot.  These increases the chance for heart attacks and stroke.

However, on the flipside a lack of adipose tissue can also cause similar problems especially in people using medications used to treat HIV/AIDS.  In people with eating disorders who do not eat the proper amount of nutrients they are at a risk of losing a dangerous amount of adipose tissue. 

Maintaining a health diet, drinking the recommended amount of water daily and having an active lifestyle can assist in managing Adipose tissue levels. 

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